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7th and Beale  


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 Change of Direction  






It’s now been over two years since our CD “Crossroads And Highways” was released. Gilbert and I worked on some new songs for awhile but, for a variety of reasons, the momentum dissipated. 7th And Beale, as a “band”, fell into a hiatus and might, when we all run out of road, prove to have ceased to be. Only time will tell.  



There are still songs to be recorded, twelve by my count, and the potential for more so I’m hoping for the best.

But whatever the fate of 7th And Beale I’ve chosen to move forward.

Since I have a catalog of lyrics that haven’t yet been set to music I began, earlier this year (2010), a search for other music writers. And, around the end of April, I stumbled upon is a website that facilitates collaboration with musicians and lyric writers from all over the world. Each contributor works from his or her home using their own recording studio; some studios are quite elaborate while others are very minimal.

One person initiates a project and uploads it to; it can be as simple as a guitar riff. Other musicians and wordsmiths from anywhere in the world can then upload tracks that they feel work with the original track. The project owner can then pick and choose the tracks that he or she feels best fits their vision of the song.

I myself have now worked with musicians from the U.K., France, Italy, Australia, Finland, Austria, and Belgium. As well as folks from Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Maine here in the states.

I’ve had fourteen of my lyrics set to music in less than four months and eight of them have been recorded high end demo quality or better. (You can hear some of them in the Music section). 

Because of this activity I have decided to open up the 7th And Beale website to projects any of the four of us wish to put up as well as news about relevant musical events.

So you can expect more animation on this site than there has been for awhile. Maybe even another collection of songs from 7th And Beale…. the band.  
















7th And Beale: Crossroads And Highways


The formation of the band “7th And Beale” is a testament to the power that music can have in the lives of those who truly love creating and performing. By the standards of the mainstream music business we’re too old, too far from those who move and shake the market, and too enamored of older forms. None of us has enjoyed real mainstream success.


But this is about love, not simply business. We love what we’re doing. And we sincerely believe that what we love will find the ears and hearts of the folks who feel the same way we do.


Like historic Route 66, an old highway that’s no longer the fastest way to get from here to there but which still provides a unique experience, "7th And Beale" rewards the discerning listener with a sound and sensibility very different from the current radio rush hour freeway.


Take a leisurely drive down back roads past old country kitchens that echo with the songs of Hank Williams, Sr., and the voice of Patsy Cline. Ride along endless Southwestern highways and listen for the ageless cowboy stories of Gene Autry and Marty Robbins. Stop behind a flashing crossbar as the heavy wheels of a rumbling freight train resonate with the melodies of Jimmie Rodgers. And so many more.


The dust of our ancestors sings in our bones.


Pull up to "7th And Beale". You're at the crossroads.